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Tool sort cycle


  • With ULTRASONIC 2nd Generation and 32.000 rpm for micro drilling with highest process safety 
  • Fully integrated regulation of the drilling force in the preset- spindle down to smaller 1 N – independent from the z-axis of the machine 
  • ICS with seperate fine filtration and flow rate control starting from 1 l/min 
  • Automatic ejector mechanism for drill cores from the diamond hollow drills

Customer Benefits

  • Drilling diameter from 0.1 mm – 2.0 mm
  • Several thousand holes per part possible without manual interaction
  • Applicable for diamond hollow drills and spiral drills
Fully integrated into the display in the CELOS SideScreen
Precise regulation of the drilling force incl. Control cycle up to smaller 1 N

Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles: ULTRASONIC microDRILL

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